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Sep 1, 2017 | Company News

APEX Drivetrain Solutions

At long last APEX Drivetrain Solutions is ready for launch. After eight months of refining his game, powertrain installation expert and transmission guru Gray Fredrick has come up with a line-up of easy to install hydraulic clutch systems and hydraulic clutch components, transmission mounts and the strongest, most versatile selection of real steel transmission cross members for most American powertrain projects.

Initial product offerings include HyTech hydraulic kits featuring Gray’s patented adjustable hydraulic master cylinder mount for the firewall that includes an integrated pedal stop and a unique design that earned him a US Patent. Full kits include a pre-bled APEX Chrome hydraulic throw-out bearing with the lowest profile available on the market, low enough to fit even the tightest GM bell housing to clutch gap. Applications include popular and not so common models from Chevy, Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Ford, Mercury, Dodge and Plymouth. If you have a 4-speed, 5-speed or 6-speed we have you covered.

If you already have some hydraulic components on hand APEX Drivetrain Solutions can help fill in the blanks. Our Chrome hydraulic release bearings are available separately for Ford, GM and MOPAR manual four- speeds, five-speeds and six-speeds to mate up to your existing master, or you can buy our HyTech master cylinder components to work with your existing hydraulic slave or bearing.

If you are installing an American powertrain, weather a manual or automatic transmission, in your classic Chevrolet or other GM model and you need a cross member you have come to the right place. We also have fitment for classic Mustangs and Cougars. Unlike similar aluminum-based transmission supports our modular steel cross members are wicked strong and still pounds lighter than your stock piece. We have fitment for almost any manual or automatic transmission with adjust-ability for relocated engines and lowered suspensions. For instance, most of our models that fit the TREMEC Magnum have a center pad that tilts to their funky off angle mounting pad so you don’t have to shim your mount.

And speaking of mounts, take a look at our steel reinforced ISOTech mounts for GM. Made from ballistic armor they are as strong as a solid mount, soak up more vibration than a poly mount and won’t degrade like a rubber mount. Truly the best of all worlds, ISOTech mounts come in standard height and low profile for extra installation flexibility. With GM on the shelf and Ford on the way we have most
projects covered.

The APEX Drivetrain Solutions product line will expand as we R&D more innovative transmission installation parts and hear from customers who continually band their heads when trying to install a gearbox. Until then, we have sharpened our spear and introduced a refined line of products you can trust in your next project. Browse the website or request more information by contacting us.

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