APEX Drivetrain Solutions is proudly owned and operated by well known transmission installation expert, Gray Fredrick, to help customers install a transmission the right way, something he knows backward and forward.  Some people call him the walking encyclopedia of transmission installation.  These days, he is probably more like the walking WIKI of gearbox application.

Located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, APEX Drivetrain Solutions is the answer if you need a hydraulic clutch system, hydraulic clutch accessories or a new cross member for whatever transmission you choose to install in your muscle car, street rod, sports car or custom.  APEX Drivetrain Solutions will be adding product categories as need and innovation demand.

APEX Drivetrain Solutions keeps most of our offerings in stock, ship every product with comprehensive instructions and will always be available to help in a pinch.  The good news is, our products are proven and can easily be installed by novices and professionals alike.

Based on over a decade of experience putting every kind of transmission imaginable in every kind of car on the road, we promise to always be on the cutting edge of transmission installation solutions and to treat every project as if we were turning the wrenches.

If you have missed dealing with Gray, or just need the best installation systems and parts on the market put your trust in APEX Drivetrain Solutions.

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