APEX Drivetrain Solutions  offers nearly all of our HyTech hydraulic components separately for use with parts you already have on hand.  You can purchase a HyTech master cylinder kit, a master cylinder mounting bracket for the master cylinder you already have and lines and fittings to help complete your project.

APEX Drivetrain Solutions also offers pre-bled Chrome hydraulic release bearings to mate up to your 3/4″, 13/16″ or 7/8″ bore master cylinder.  These hydraulic throwout bearings are full of fluid and pressure tested before they leave our warehouse, making bleeding the system a breeze.  Fitment includes popular 4-speed, 5-speed and 6-speed models for GM, Ford and MOPAR.

GM hydraulic bearings include fitment for Muncie, T10, Saginaw, TKO, T5, T56, Magnum, Richmond, Lenco ST1200 and others.

Ford hydraulic bearings are offered for standard duty 1-1/16″ input toploaders, T5, TKO, Magnum and T56.

For MOPAR owners we have bearings for 18-spline and 23-spline A833 4-speeds, along with TKO, Magnum, T56 and Jerico.

Trust APEX Drivetrain Solutions to help you put a reliable, quick and efficient hydraulic actuation system in your muscle car, sports car, street rod or custom.

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Apex Support

Apex Support

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