HyTech Hydraulic Clutch System

Sep 10, 2017 | Product Announcement

Have you always wanted to get rid of your clunky mechanical clutch linkage? Maybe you are building something rare or custom with poor aftermarket parts support and just need a way to actuate your clutch. No matter what your situation you probably want to achieve a smooth, efficient feeling clutch action. APEX Drivetrain Solutions HyTech hydraulic clutch kits are the answer to all of these
problems and more.

HyTech hydraulic kits featuring owner Gray Fredrick’s patented adjustable hydraulic master cylinder mount for the firewall that includes an integrated pedal stop and a unique design that earned him a US Patent. This unique firewall mount, which is compatible with the supplied Wilwood master cylinder, is made from durable stainless steel with a smooth bead blasted finish that looks great under the hood and won’t ever corrode or lose its finish.

The master cylinder system is volume matched to a pre-bled APEX Chrome hydraulic throw-out bearing with the lowest profile available on the market, low enough to fit even the tightest GM bell housing to clutch gap. Pre-bleeding means you get a part that has been pressure tested for reliability at psi well above what you will need to release even the stiffest clutch and easy installation with no need to crack a bleeder line and spray fluid everywhere. Bleeding is just a matter of pumping the clutch pedal until everything is working correctly.

HyTech hydraulic clutch actuation systems also come with the lines, fittings, reservoir and hardware for a complete installation without calling the parts store or ordering additional bits and pieces online. A billet reservoir co-developed with Eddie Motorsports is available as a popular option in clear anodized natural aluminum or a midnight black anodize finish.

Applications include popular and not so common models from Chevy, Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Ford, Mercury, Dodge and Plymouth. If you have a 4-speed, 5-speed or 6-speed we have you covered. We have GM fitment for Muncie and T-10 4-speeds, TREMEC T5 and TKO 5-speeds and LS T56 and Magnum 6-speeds. Ford applications include standard duty Top-loader and all TREMEC models. For Mopar we have A, B and E-body kits for 18-spline and 23-spline A-833 4-speeds, Passon 4 and 5-speeds and all TREMEC models.

HyTech systems are in stock and ready for sale. All APEX Drivetrain Solutions products are covered by a three-year unlimited mile warranty. See details on the website. Welcome to the future of aftermarket hydraulic clutch systems.

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