GM Hydraulic Kit – 1982-92 F-body


APEX GM Hydraulic Kit.


APEX GM Hydraulic Kit for 1982-92 F-body with TKO, Muncie, Richmond, T10, GM T5, Saginaw, LENCO ST1200, GM Jericho.

Most third gen Camaros and Firebirds were factory equipped with a hydraulic clutch system, however the systems were wonky and used an external slave with a standard mechanical bearing, which is not ideal.

The APEX HyTech hydraulic system features a factory style master cylinder that is compatible with your OE pedals but has been designed to use a standard -3an line.  This allows us to couple it to one of our Chrome hydraulic release bearings for ultimate performance and reliability.

This complete HyTech Hydraulic Kit includes the master cylinder, Chrome pre-bled hydraulic release bearing, lines, fittings and instructions.