Mopar Hydraulic Kit – 23-spline A833 4-speed


APEX Mopar Hydraulic Kit.


APEX HyTech™ Hydraulic Kit for MOPAR with 23-spline A833 4-speed

Convert your A, B or E-body to hydraulic clutch actuation with this complete APEX HyTech Hydraulic Kit. System includes:

  • Patented adjustable master cylinder firewall mounting bracket in durable bead blasted stainless steel
  • Wilwood master cylinder with fluid reservoir,
  • Pre-bled Chrome hydraulic release bearing,
  • Pedal connection hardware with carbon fiber lined stainless rod end
  • All lines, fittings and hardware for complete installation.

Our Chrome hydraulic release bearings are designed to be stored for long periods of time without seal failure and are pre-bled so you just pump your clutch pedal to bleed the system.  Just add DOT4 fluid to the reservoir and actuate the pedal until it’s ready to go.

This system eliminates all mechanical clutch actuation components including rods, z-bar, fork and mechanical bearing.  Compatible with stock pedals.