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Transmission Crossmembers


Real-Steel Cross Members bring strength, precision, light weight and adjust-ability to the cross member game with fitment for almost any manual or automatic transmission you can name in many popular models.

Hydraulic Clutch Systems

HyTech Kits

Convert your Ford, GM or MOPAR to a HyTech hydraulic clutch actuation system for easy installation, proven reliability and a smooth, modern clutch feel for you 4, 5 or 6-speed.

Transmission Mounts

Transmission Mounts

ISOTech mounts are truly unique steel reinforced ballistic armor transmission mounts that are as strong as a solid mount, isolate better than a poly mount and last longer than a rubber mount. There is no other transmission mount like it.


HyTech Components

Master cylinder kits, firewall mounting brackets, hydraulic release bearings and more to help you complete the hydraulic actuation project you’ve already started or need repaired.

Support & Information

Tech Support

Anyone can answer the phone but we have all the knowledge skill and experience to actually answer your questions and help you get rolling.

Product Warranty

APEX stands behind every product with three years of warranty coverage.

Installation Notes

Learn from our experience. Check out our notes to find answers to the most common installation questions.

Company Info

Founded by experience and run with passion, APEX is here to revolutionize transmission installation.

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Apex Drivetrain Updates & Announcements

Apex Support

Apex Support

Buying an APEX Drivetrain Solutions product means proven components and technology with years of research and patents to back them up. Because we do our homework most customers will find our hydraulic clutch kits and components, cross members and other...

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HyTech Hydraulic Clutch System

HyTech Hydraulic Clutch System

Have you always wanted to get rid of your clunky mechanical clutch linkage? Maybe you are building something rare or custom with poor aftermarket parts support and just need a way to actuate your clutch. No matter what your situation you probably want to...

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Company Launch

Company Launch

APEX Drivetrain Solutions At long last APEX Drivetrain Solutions is ready for launch. After eight months of refining his game, powertrain installation expert and transmission guru Gray Fredrick has come up with a line-up of easy to install hydraulic clutch...

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